By Tiffany Campbell

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Scared of Beautiful eBook


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To be an aspiring photographer, the thought of beauty strikes fear in a young Bobbi Cochran; a fear that had paralyzed her since losing her love to her best friend. Needing a fresh start, she relocates to California where a collision with a young and equally fearful Donovan McCall, changes the course of her life forever.

Love was a word and an emotion that was non-existent in Donovan’s world. Women were magnets to his good looks, success and charm making it easy to maneuver around any emotion before it turned into something more. He was never challenged, and when he was, she was replaced.

It isn’t until he runs into a rude Bobbi Cochran, that everything he had become so accustomed to turned foreign. Love and the art of it all was something both wanted to devour into but the fear of the beauty within was holding them back. Will they let go and allow love to take control?



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