By Tiffany Campbell

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Romance Bundle | Paperback Edition

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For two artists, one would think beauty comes naturally. For Donovan and Bobbi, however, they quickly find that creating something beautiful requires more than what meets the eye. With all odds against them, will they redefine beauty together or will adversity cause the picture to fade?

Scared of Beautiful

To be an aspiring photographer, the thought of beauty strikes fear in a young Bobbi Cochran; a fear that had paralyzed her since losing her love to her best friend. Needing a fresh start, she relocates to California where a collision with a young and equally fearful Donovan McCall, changes the course of her life forever.

Love was a word and an emotion that was non-existent in Donovan’s world. Women were magnets to his good looks, success and charm making it easy to maneuver around any emotion before it turned into something more. He was never challenged, and when he was, she was replaced.

It isn’t until he runs into a rude Bobbi Cochran, that everything he had become so accustomed to turned foreign. Love and the art of it all was something both wanted to devour into but the fear of the beauty within was holding them back. Will they let go and allow love to take control?

The Beauty Within

After 18 blissful months in Miami, Donovan and Bobbi have returned to LA to continue their new life together in the place they originally fell in love. What was expected to be an easy transition, quickly turns rocky when Bobbi receives an expected text message from an ex-boyfriend that she wants to respond to, against Donovan’s wishes.

While Donovan’s mistrust for Bobbi grows, his gorgeous new co-worker Sydney becomes a temptation he didn’t see coming. With their relationship on the outs, Will the two be able to find the beauty within that once brought them together, or will the move back to LA end up being one they regret?


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3 reviews for Romance Bundle | Paperback Edition

  1. Rodney Revish

    I was so immersed in both of these books, I would have recap calls with the author to break down what just happened..the following is all there

    -character development
    -plot twist
    -the emotions from the male and female perspective
    -painting a picture of the scene
    -things that can make you smile and cry (not me)

    These things and more are all in this book..

    Incredible project

  2. Jas (verified owner)

    The dynamic of this couple is one to be admired and shows what unconditional love is supposed to look like! There is a level of reality that is folded into each character that makes them so relatable. We have all experienced hurt, love and redemption like these characters have, and it is refreshing to see the story told in such a way that makes you picture and feel what each of them feel. I’ve experienced a level of all emotions reading these books, which goes to show that the writing reels you into the characters lives.
    Both books are really good reads and once you begin them, you will find it difficult to put them down! Great job on this project!!!

  3. Rocc

    Good writing grabs my attention. Great writing keeps my attention. But exceptional writing captivates my attention. Scared of Beautiful falls in the last category because from the first page I literally could not put this book down. Tiffany does an amazing job taking us on a journey about vulnerability, healing, love, intimacy and understanding. I highly recommend this to ANYONE that wants to see a beautiful story unfold. I guarantee you, you’ll be yearning for the sequel.

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