By Tiffany Campbell

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The Beauty Within Paperback

(2 customer reviews)


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After 18 blissful months in Miami, Donovan and Bobbi have returned to LA to continue their new life together in the place they originally fell in love. What was expected to be an easy transition, quickly turns rocky when Bobbi receives an expected text message from an ex-boyfriend that she wants to respond to, against Donovan’s wishes.

While Donovan’s mistrust for Bobbi grows, his gorgeous new co-worker Sydney becomes a temptation he didn’t see coming. With their relationship on the outs, Will the two be able to find the beauty within that once brought them together, or will the move back to LA end up being one they regret?


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2 reviews for The Beauty Within Paperback

  1. Forever Fan

    Let me start off by stating that I’m an avid reader, my favorite hobby, past time and just overall my favorite thing to do.
    I was hooked from the 1st page. Couldn’t put the book down if I wanted to, definitely a page turner. Great follow up! Read it straight through, had me reaching out to the author …. I have questions Ma’am, biggest one being 🗣 “IS THIS A TRILOGY 🤔🤔????

  2. Rocc

    Now THIS good people, this is how you write a sequel!! After finishing Scared of Beautiful (left me with so many what if’s so Tiff HAD to get this one done. Ain’t no way she could just leave us like that 🤣) I immediately started reading. And my God, what a ride. Tiff’s ability to highlight the strains that can occur in relationships and visibly showcase how these strains change intimacy was truly enjoyable to read. Just as she did in Scared of Beautiful, she slowly and masterfully flushes out these characters to us, invites us into their world, and has you either rooting for their success, or hopin they take that L. Gotta tip my hat to her on this one, it’s further gives credence to why I say that her pen top 2 and it ain’t 2. 🤷🏽‍♂️👑🐐.

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