By Tiffany Campbell

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Hi, I’m Tiff.

You know..

I love to write.. but I’m not a blogger. So don’t expect that from me.

I’m an expresser of thought and imagination. Some post on here might be completely scatter brained because that is just how I am sometimes in my head.. all over the place. Other posts may be extremely well written and make perfect sense. Other times I may just share a short story here and there.

Just honestly depends on the day.

But for this blog and this website, I just want to be me. I want to share my life and the things I’m learning about God, about myself and about the path I’m on currently. What I can tell you to expect is me in my truest form. I won’t be on here pretending to be someone else, writing like someone else, making perfect sense every single time or even grammatically correct. That just isn’t me right now.

Right now, I’m in a place where I’m learning more about myself as the days go on. God is reminding me of old passions and I’m actually pursuing them without being afraid of failure.

Either way it goes, I can’t lose if I bet on myself.

I’ve discovered that I’m more than just an author. I have more to provide the world than just writing. There’s so much more to me and for the longest time I forgot about that. For the longest time I’ve let dreams die thinking they were way to big for my 6 inch shoes to fill.

But GOD.

He is showing me not to place Him or myself in a box any longer. That the things He stored down on the inside of me the moment He formed me in my mother’s womb were not by accident and it’s never too late to pursue it.

So here goes nothing.

Follow me as I follow Christ and the dreams He has given me. I pray that somehow this blog not only encourages you, but inspires you to pursue a deeper relationship with Him because at the end of the day if my life doesn’t point you back to Christ then my life was in vain.

Welcome to the new ByTiffanyCampbell.Com. Hope you stay a while and enjoy!


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