By Tiffany Campbell

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December 13th.

7 years ago today, I was lying in a hospital bed in a haze. My parents were on either side of me after having to talk to doctors and nurses about possible stomach pumps and blood test, trying to make sure I hadn’t done my body permanent damage. Luckily for me, physically I was fine. Mentally though? I was in shambles.

And that’s when they said it. That’s when they told us that I couldn’t be released. I had to be put on a 72-hour psychiatric hold, due to my attempt to self-harm. I wasn’t crazy, I told them. I was just having a bad day, I tried to explain. But no one would listen.

No one ever listened, it seemed.

So how did a 21-year-old young woman who seemed to have everything going for her end up in a psych ward for three days?

Well.. that started long before December 13th.

I have struggled with depressive moods since I was a young girl. A depressive mood isn’t full on depression, it’s more like functioning depression. I could get out of bed, eventually, and do my normal activities, but inside I was constantly filled with anxiety. I was either extremely irritable, or extremely quiet and isolation became my best friend. The first time I ever noticed my struggle with depression, I would say it was in 8th grade when my mom had to live in DC for 8 months for work. I just remember my grades began to drop, and I hated being home without her. I would ask her every other week, if I could move to DC but she would say no. My siblings and I weren’t getting along and my dad didn’t know how to get us on the same page. On top of going through all the changes of being a 13-year-old teenage girl in middle school that fathers have no idea how to relate to. I felt very alone and misunderstood.

Depression upgraded to suicidal thoughts my freshman year of high school. I was in some drama over a boy (insert eye roll) and a lot of the girls at my school began to bully me and threaten me. I had never been in drama before this moment, so it was a shock to me and people who I thought were my friends abandoned me and began to talk about me behind my back. I felt hopeless and alone and thought it would be better if I wasn’t alive to endure the mistreatment. It wasn’t until a friend of mine gave me a scripture that he always went to when he felt low, that I realized that I needed Jesus. So, I got saved and filled with the Holy Spirit and I was okay for a while. For a couple years actually. I had Jesus and that was enough for me. I met new friends, I got more involved in church, I gave the gospel everywhereI went. I knew that the same God that rescued me, would rescue someone else.

…and then I fell in love with a boy. And this boy would be the one to break me.

He seemed like an answered prayer at first. He wasn’t like the boys before him. He claimed me. He pursued me. He wanted me. And being a girl who had five siblings that I had to share a father with, having this boy that only wanted and loved me was a dream come true. This here was a love I didn’t have to share. The fairytale I always wanted could happen. The marriage, the kids, the house, the white picket fence. He was supposed to be that for me. He was the answer to the picture I painted for my life and we were to live happily ever after.

Except… that picture was ruined four years into our relationship (long before then really). Another woman was pregnant with his child, ripping my pictured life in half.  Looking back, I wasn’t so much in love with him as I was with the picture. That picture meant more to me than anything did.

December 13th, was the day reality hit that the life I imagined, was gone. So if that life was over, why should my real one stay? How was I going to live, knowing that I couldn’t keep a man from cheating on me, that I couldn’t get pregnant, that I couldn’t be the life giver? How was I going to watch him parent a child I didn’t give him? I couldn’t. I wouldn’t.

And even if I wasn’t going to be successful, he needed to know how much he hurt me. I believe now, that my suicide attempt was more a cry for attention and help than it was to actually take my life. I had the means to kill myself, but I was too scared of what would await on the other side if I succeeded.

That was until, I was out ofthe hospital and caught him with another woman on the night of my birthday. Thatttt one hurt. That hurt me to my core. Here I was, thinking that maybe my hospital stay and display of insanity would wake him up. Instead, it did the opposite and completely pushed him away. And in that moment, I wanted nothing more than to die. So I went home, and drunkenly attempted to jump off the balcony of my apartment building. Really wanting to end it all, because in my mind it didn’t matter if I stayed alive. He was never going to want me again. He was never going to love me again. And if he didn’t, what love would I have that would be all mine?

If it wasn’t for his brother being with me, and holding me back from ending my life, I can’t say that I would be here. Shoot, or I would be paralyzed or something. I don’t know. All I know is, the devil wanted me gone that week, and I was soooo close to just giving him what he wanted.

After that time in my life, I suppressed my struggle with depression and suicide. Everyone who knew of my hospital stay, started treating me like I was fragile and broken and I didn’twant to be viewed that way. I just acted like it never happened. I had to be strong. Even if that meant, slowly dying on the inside, I had to appear strong. So I would suffer with my depression in silence. I would go off into my room for hours and not come out. I would go to a quiet place and just cry and not tell a soul. I would snap and be mean to the people that loved me the most, and then come back and say I was just on my period. I hid and I lied, to protect people from the real me. The me that was hurting and desperate to be delivered. I felt that was a person that no one could handle. And if I could keep people at bay when she would rear her ugly head, all would be fine.

I thought I was fine.

It wasn’t until this year that I realized depression was still a major struggle for me. My parents had learned to live with it, but my roommate wasn’t having that lol. She would lovingly call me out on my mood swings and I would blame it on everything BUT depression, because I truly thought it was a part of me. I thought it was who I was. I would say things like, I just have moments where I need to be alone or things like that. But it was much deeper. And God showed me just how deep. He began to show me my cycles of depression. I would be good one week, and miserable the next. One day I would be excited to go to work, the next I would be in tears trying to get out of bed.

It was bad. Much worse than I even thought.

I wanted nothing more than to be free. I would get prayer after prayer about it. I would talk myself up. Speak the word. Everything you can think of.

But I needed more than prayer and hands laid on me.. I needed my mind to change.

So, I found a therapist. And when I say, it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in my life!

Week to week, I have someone that talks me through my past trauma and my unhealthy thought processes. Someone who connects the dots for me and shows me my growth and also areas I still need to improve. And since then, I have seen a vast difference in me as a whole. It was the missing ingredient in my total healing and restoration process. Everyone needs therapy. Everyone! We’ve all suffered from things in our life that affect who we are as people today that shouldn’t go unchecked.

Though I’m in therapy now, it still doesn’t take away my need for God. I still have moments where I get depressive mood swings unwarranted, and those are the times I lean on God the most. I reach out now. I talk to my pastor or my friends. I get prayer, I get delivered. I actually JUST got delivered the other night to break the generational curse of depression that’s in my bloodline! Like, it doesn’t go away just because I have someone to talk to about it now. It’s a process. But I’m doing things differently.

I’m seeking help.

Depression won’t be my portion. Suicide is not what’s gonna take me out of here. I’m falling in love with the woman God created and learning to be her freely, every single day. Each day brings on different challenges, but I’m freer now than I’ve ever been. First because God saved me, and second because I took the steps to fight back against my own self destruction.

Depression is real, but God is realer. Therapy is important. And your mental health is just as important if not more important than your physical health.

I don’t want you leaving this blog feeling sorry for me. I’m okay. Like truly. I’m getting stronger every day because I have the word of God to stand on. Greater is He that is in me than he that is in the world (1 John 4:4). When I am weak, He is strong (2 Corinthians 12:10). Weeping may endure for a night, but JOY comes in the morning (Psalms30:5)!!!  Whew chillleeee!

I do, however, want you to leave this post doing a self-analysis. Are you okay? Is there any area of your life that is hurting you? Is it hard to get out of bed? Do you have thoughts where you wish you weren’t alive? Are you in a situation that’s hurting you daily? Are you suffering in silence?

Talk to someone, anyone! The suicide hotline is always available for you if no one is answering the phone. 1-800-273-8255.

And I must remind you of some truths:

Jesus loves you! Your friends and your family LOVE you! People need you. They need to feel you and hear you. They want the best for you. You matter. You’re important. Your life makes a difference in this world. If it didn’t, God would’ve never saw fit for you to be here. He has a purpose and plan for your life that is greater than anything you could’ve conjured up for yourself. There is life past the bad moments. This will get better. Doesn’t mean the path will be easy, but you’ll make it! I know it’s easier said than done, but the fight is WORTH it! And guess what? It’s rigged! Jesus already kicked depression in the butt when he died on the cross over 2000 years ago! He won so that you, too, can win!

Changing this unhealthy mindset, first starts with you. It starts with a decision. Don’t be like me and let years go by of your depression being unchecked. There’s tons of therapist available to you, there are tons of churches here for you to get plugged in and connected, and Jesus is always with you no matter what you’ve done or where you’re at in life. Jesus is available just for you.

And I promise.. I PROMISE…there is another side to life that is filled with an endless amount of joy, peace and love.

Believe me.

I wouldn’t be alive today if there wasn’t.


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  • Braelyn
    Thursday, December 13, 2018

    This has me in tears ! I’m so happy you are stronger but also sad as a friend i had no idea. We have got to start checking on our closest “strongest” friends. I love you so much tiff you’re my angel?

    • Jay
      Friday, December 14, 2018

      This is beautiful i just hate the fact that people dont think depression is real or its just a cry for help…’d be surprised about how many people really suffer from this…god blessed everyone who has depression including myself

    • Tee
      Friday, December 14, 2018

      Wow I really felt every word! I really hope I get to that point I feel okay and can honestly say that depression is not winning! Best wishes to you!

      • Adrie
        Friday, December 14, 2018

        ??? depression will not win Tee! God got you, and you got this!!!!

    • Jay
      Friday, December 14, 2018

      Omg , This just changed my whole life and made me realize how important i am thank u

    • Rodney
      Saturday, December 14, 2019

      This is a powerful testimony..I appreciate you being so transparent so that you can help others. FYI… I am glad I thugged it out, and read the whole blog.??

  • Katt
    Thursday, December 13, 2018

    I love how God keeps using you to walk in your truths, to be vulnerable, transparent & to be okay with it. You are so much stronger than you know. I’m thankful God kept you even when you didn’t want to be kept.
    The devil comes to steal, kill & destroy. Yet we must prevail in order to be victorious! When I first found out that I couldn’t have kids I thought about taking my life. When your biggest desire is to be a mother & you’re being told that the one thing you want most, you can’t have. It’s heartbreaking. I never want to know what it’s like to not know God or have faith, cause that was one of the things that saved me. The other was therapy. I’ll forever be an advocate of therapy cause it’s needed & it’s for everyone!!!
    You never know what God has in store, 8yrs later I become a Mom. Happiest time of my life!!
    ***tipping my hat to you**** keep walking it out, your transition is amazingly beautiful?

  • Andrea
    Thursday, December 13, 2018

    I really appreciate this article. I could go on and on about how this relates to me, but I won’t do that, because this blog isn’t about me. Lol. But I will say that I hope that I can get to the point you’re at right now, one day. Thank you for this!

  • arjanae
    Thursday, December 13, 2018

    This is real heart warming? people needed to hear this too know everyone’s going through something & there’s always someone who will listen ? you could write a book ! you should think about one day helping others were they don’t wait so long?!

  • Arjanae
    Thursday, December 13, 2018

    this was really heart warming? thats amazing you were able to overcome what you were going through! Good puts his strongest soldiers in the battle ! Your purpose was to share your story and share how some is there to listen ! you could write a book ! ?

  • Natassia
    Thursday, December 13, 2018

    Wow…i love this and it gave me hope… dealing with depression myself and this just gave me so much motivation to not give up and keep pushing through.

  • Texana Jackson
    Thursday, December 13, 2018

    My goodness this is so encouraging! Your transparency really helped me connect and revealed some things I’m struggling with, too. Thank you, sis! Forreal. Thank you! Keep going!

  • Shanice
    Thursday, December 13, 2018

    This post was so much needed! I got directed to your page for a reason. It’s crazy how God works. I really needed to see this and He knew it. I’m so glad you overcame your struggles and that you’re currently dealing with it through therapy. Keep striving and pushing through!!!

  • Genesis
    Thursday, December 13, 2018

    Wow ! i wanted to keep reading . I love this ❤️❤️
    Thank you for this , may god keep blessing you .

  • Shonda
    Thursday, December 13, 2018

    Thanks for sharing. I had no idea that some of the things that I have been struggling with could be depression, just like you said “I thought it was apart of me”. I’ve always thought of going to see a therapist and this further confirmed that I need to go ahead and set a date. I truly appreciate you for being honest and transparent about your journey, regardless of what it looks like. Be encouraged.

  • Alexandria
    Thursday, December 13, 2018

    Thank you so much for sharing your heart and your testimony!! I literally woke up today saying that I have to change my mindset and remember who I am on a daily basis. I’ve struggled with depression as well but God’s grace is sufficient and I’m thankful that he never took his hands off of me, even when I wanted him to.

  • Sabina
    Friday, December 14, 2018

    I really had to check myself because this touched me on so many levels.
    Selfawareness is very important and we as people put up a front when we are actually in so much pain. Depression is real …and i will keep u in my prayers.
    Keep strong and pray for me too.

  • Shikindra
    Friday, December 14, 2018

    ❤️❤️❤️?? Thank you God..

  • MMG
    Friday, December 14, 2018

    Oh my this is lovely..the tears are for similarity. It’s good to know when you’re never alone in certain situations. Stay humble, strong & continue to pray!

  • Ashley
    Friday, December 14, 2018

    Wow is all I can say our stories are identical this was for me ! I thank you for sharing this I thought I was in this alone . But I am now in therapy I had to stay in a psych ward as well which is what led to therapy it’s tough some days but it’s getting better I praise God !! Hallelujah thank you sisterGod bless you

  • Graham
    Friday, December 14, 2018

    It’s crazy because I can REALLY REALLY relate to this post…and it caused me to tear up because I’m trying to be free of depression. It is so hard and people would never understand. I appreciate you sharing your story and sharing your advice THANK YOU SO MUCH ❤️???

  • Tikia Brownlee
    Friday, December 14, 2018

    I have a connection with this in so many similar ways, it’s crazy. Like girl, I understand. Especially the part where people talk to you like you’re fragile and the part where I telling people every other thing that’s bothering me except the actual problem that’s much deeper. Cause everybody is literally different. So I learned that not everybody have the same mind as I do. So when I learned that, I just go to God and rant rant rant cause nobody knows you as much you and God do.
    Lately I’ve been finding different things to focus on to get me out of my crazy thoughts and it’s been working.❤️ Now what I start saying is “The devil can’t have me,” “no weapon form against me shall prosper,” and “I’ve won this battle with depression. God helped me.” Just things to keep me uplifted and prevent from going into those dark moments.
    May God bless you girl. Stay strong and prove em wrong ??

  • Shakeri
    Friday, December 14, 2018

    I tried to take my life the beginning of the year and if it wasn’t for my kids and my best friend they saved me I still get depressed and I have to look at my kids and I think they need me I won’t be any good to them dead I think God for them everyday

  • Toya
    Friday, December 14, 2018

    This was truly an eye ? opener and a good read as I am on the plane heading home I Salute you Queen ? it makes me feel as tho I was meant to hear this And Greatness is all around u … I connect to your blog cause I to I’m that STRONG FRIEND with some like issue in the past but I’ve learned your past doesn’t determine your future. So thank u for this read

  • Kelsey
    Friday, December 14, 2018

    We literally have the same story for the most part. Funny thing is is i started therapy a month ago, and it has been the most liberating thing I’ve ever done. I look forward to it weekly! I tell people all the time how everyone should go to therapy. Invest in yourself and your mental health. We Matter! Love this.

  • Jasmine
    Friday, December 14, 2018

    Powerful! Tiffany thank God for using you in such a way to show others that may be dealing with depression and suicidal thoughts that they don’t have to rest there. God is so faithful and I thank him every day for you, your strength , courage and tenacity. Keep letting God pour into you. You are beautiful and I am proud of you! You inspire me and teach me to live out my truth daily. I Love you to life girl! Keep flourishing!!

  • Crystal
    Friday, December 14, 2018

    This blog is absolutely beautiful! I really needed to read EVERY single word of this. I never realized how bad my depression was/is and how bad its affected me and my relationships with friends/family/spouses until this year. I always felt that no one got what I was dealing with within myself and I’d wish others who did would share their experiences and how they dealt with it, but you’re the first I’ve seen write out every detail so perfectly and so relatable.

  • Cherina
    Friday, December 14, 2018

    Thanks ?? I really needed to hear that Tiff god is speaking thorough You ❤️???

  • Cherina Watson
    Friday, December 14, 2018

    Thanks ?? I really needed to hear that Tiff god is speaking thorough You ❤️???

  • Mila
    Friday, December 14, 2018

    Thank you so much for sharing this Tiffany! You have no idea how close to home this hit for me. I pray God continues to work in your life and delivers you from all that is weighing you down. I appreciate your transparency and know this will motivate others in their own battles with depression. Thank you!!!

  • Tee
    Friday, December 14, 2018

    I can relate to what you went through so much it’s weird , god is truly speaking through YOU. You’ve encouraged me & now i know it’s okay to seek help. I’m definitely seeking a therapist after reading it’s something I always thought about but never acted on.

  • Marvesha Smith
    Friday, December 14, 2018

    God is good ?? Beautiful Testimony ??❤️

  • Tanya
    Friday, December 14, 2018

    Purely beautiful. ❤️

  • Stephanie
    Friday, December 14, 2018

    Beautifully written girl!! Hats off to you! It isn’t easy opening up about events like this! You wrote a very impactful peice! Keep up the. Amazing work and God bless

  • EMK
    Friday, December 14, 2018

    Yes !! Yes !! Yes!! This was right on time!! Sorry to read you went through but so grateful you are doing better!! ✌? ❤️ Therapy is on my “2019 to do list”!! Thank you for this msg!!

  • Chantell
    Sunday, December 16, 2018

    This touched me a lot! I am so glad to get to know your story through depression! The part where you hid your depression hit me because no one would ever know how you are feeling! You are truly a strong, beautiful being! I wanna say I love you because you were strong through those stages..and God has truly changed you for the better! It’s about time to make this into a book! I would totally buy it! I am a new biggest fan, keep inspiring❤️